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Eyebrows have been, still are, and will remain a big deal in the world of beauty. In case you are wondering why eyebrows are so important, I’ll tell you why. Simply put, eyebrows naturally shape and add definition to the face, and when it comes to makeup, eyebrows can make or break your entire makeup look. If you are still doubting the impact eyebrows have on the face, try googling photos of celebrities without eyebrows and you will be surprised! 

Now that we’ve established the importance of eyebrows, let’s move on to learning how to achieve aesthetically pleasing eyebrows that are healthy, well-groomed, and perfectly defined. 

Step 1. Growing Healthy Eyebrows.

Full, lush eyebrows are in style and we are here for it. But for various reasons from genes and aging, to damage caused by overplucking, not everyone has naturally thick brows to work with. Thankfully, there are ways to grow fuller and healthy eyebrows. The trick is to think about your eyebrows like your hair, in the sense that just like your hair requires some extra TLC for growth, so do your eyebrows. Here are a few things you can to grow fuller, healthier brows.

  1. Massage your brows. Good circulation is necessary for healthy hair growth. Since each hair follicle is attached to a tiny blood vessel known as the derma-vessel, massaging the brow area gently, increases blood circulation to the area, and the increased circulation promotes hair growth. You can do this every night. 
  2. Stay hydrated. Hydrated skin is fundamental for healthy hair growth, so drink your water and moisturize your skin. Drinking enough water enables your body to detox and keep all the right nutrients, while moisturizing the brow area strengthens the skin barrier, and seals in hydration around the eyebrows, which in turn helps to promote healthy hair growth. 
  3. Try a brow serum. Brow serums are one of the best ways to grow healthy eyebrows. You should go for a serum that is made with ingredients that will stimulate your hair follicle, while keeping your brow area healthy and hydrated. Some ingredients that are good for your brows include biotin, panthenol, peptides, humectants, antioxidants, and amino acids. 
  4. Grow them out. If you want to grow fuller, healthy eyebrows, it is advisable to leave your eyebrows to grow to their fullest before reaching out for any shaping tools. Giving your eyebrows about six weeks to grow out not only gives the eyebrow hairs a chance to grow thicker, but can also revert minor damages caused during the previous shaping. They might not look great during this time but it will be worth it in the long run!  

Step 2. Grooming Your Eyebrows.

After your eyebrows are grown out, you need to trim away the stray hairs and shape those arches! We have identified the four most popular eyebrow grooming methods, and briefly explained their pros and cons below.

  1. Waxing. Waxing involves the removal of the hair at the root by applying wax along the brow line, and quickly ripping it off in the opposite direction of hair growth. This method provides fast and efficient results, leaving an impressively smooth surface. Whilst waxing provides great results, people with sensitive skin might want to consider other options as this method can cause irritation and redness on their skin. 
  2. Threading. Threading is a very popular eyebrow grooming technique that is done using a thin cotton string. Threading is quite efficient as it can address full rows of hair at once. The results are much cleaner and long-lasting than those of waxing. Just like waxing, threading can be pretty painful, especially the first few times, but it’s more gentle on the skin compared to waxing. 
  3. Tweezing. Also known as plucking, this method involves plucking individual hairs using a tweezer until you achieve the desired look. This method produces a clean natural look and is relatively painless. The only downside is that it can be quite time-consuming. 
  4. Use of eyebrow razors. Eyebrow razors are specifically designed for shaving eyebrows. They feature a small blade and a long curved handle. Eyebrow razors are perfect for removing the superfine hairs around the brows, and the best thing about this method is that it’s pain-free! The downside however is that hair shaved with a razor tends to grow back way faster compared to hair removed by tweezing, threading, or waxing. 


Step 3. Enhancing Your Eyebrows.

People have different needs when it comes to enhancing their eyebrows. The most common concerns are filling, shaping, and adding definition to the eyebrows. There are so many products in the market for this, but I want us to keep it to some favorite basics today. 

  1. Eyebrow pencils. What’s not love about eyebrow pencils? Brow pencils are equally recommended for novices and makeup experts, thanks to their versatility and ease of use. They can be used to shape, define, and even fill in eyebrows. Eyebrows with precision tips are easy to use even for those with sparse, thin, or uneven brows. Depending on how you use your brow pencil, you can easily create any brow look from a subtle natural-looking finish to a bold full brow. Pro-tip, When choosing your eyebrow pencil, you should select a color that is one shade lighter than your natural eyebrow color. 
  2. Brow microblading pens. Happiness is giving your eyebrows a microbladed look, without the pain and commitment of the actual microblading! Brow microblading pens are designed to create the illusion of natural brow hairs by creating ultra-fine lines with each application to mimic the look of microblading.

And that’s how you achieve perfect eyebrows in three easy steps! Don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know which methods and products you’ll be trying. And as always, remember to stay beautiful.

Esther Nyambura
Esther Nyambura

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