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Let’s face it, sometimes less truly is more. Take our vegan Baby lashes for instance. Featuring a slight flare and straight fibers that closely resemble natural lashes, our Baby lashes are one of our most natural looking false lashes that are universally appropriate for any occasion! Soft and subtle but still with enough length and volume to make others wonder, “Are those your real lashes?”, these false lashes are just what the doctor ordered to enhance your natural beauty.

  • Features 10 Magnets for Ultra easy lash application 
  • Handmade from ultra-soft vegan synthetic silk fiber 
  • 100% Cruelty free 
  • Light volume and medium length
  • Lashes measure 6-8cm
  • Ideal for daytime wear, the office, and natural looks 
  • Can be worn 15-25 times with proper care