Make palms sweaty and heartrates soar sky high with a single glance in these tempting vegan lashes in the style Flirty! If you’ve ever wanted to get someone’s attention without so much as a single word, consider Flirty lashes your secret weapon to capturing hearts and sparking desire. Featuring long and feminine wispy fibers, Flirty lashes are ideal for those looking for that perfect mix between dramatic and soft. A truly universal style, Flirty’s appeal is just as effective running errands as it is attending the hottest events! Dressed up or down, Flirty lashes will make you feel like a total vixen the second the glue dries. 


  • Features 10 Magnets for Ultra easy lash application 
  • Handmade from ultra-soft vegan synthetic silk fiber 
  • 100% Cruelty free 
  • Heavy volume and medium length
  • Lashes measure 5-10mm
  • Universally flattering, can be worn for any occasion big or small 
  • Can be worn 15-25 times with proper care