Mini Nunu

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Same Mini NuNu- Now Magnetic !

Like a slightly toned down version of her big sister, the original Nunu lash, Mini Nunu features the same mesmerizing V-shaped clusters that fan out to help open the eyes with plenty of fringe for a multidimensional effect that is alluring enough to help you blink your way out of anything. Think of Mini Nunu as a single shot espresso to the original Nunu’s triple shot. Still plenty of attitude, but in a more day-to-day friendly style that won’t have you feeling like you should be throwing back shots in the office. Although if your boss is cool with it, who are we to judge? Do you Boo.

  • Crafted from ethically sourced premium mink
  • 5D lash with medium volume and medium length
  • Most Suitable for day to day looks
  • Can be worn 15-25 times with proper care
  • Lashes measures 15-18mm long